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Весна 2013... шведы в городе

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Впервые за последние пять лет к нам в школу приезжает группа шведских школьников и учителей из нашего города-побратима Норртелье. Они пробудут у нас в гостях с 22 по 28 апреля. Вы обязательно встретите их в школе; не забудьте поприветствовать их и улыбнуться. Не зря мы славимся своим гостеприимством.
И вот неделя позади, в выходные наши новые друзья уезжают домой. Мы подробно напишем чуть позже об этом визите, а пока в комментариях наши гости пишут свои впечатления о своем первом пребывании во Пскове и в нашей гимназии, разумеется на английском...

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I think that this visit has been really awesome. We have had fun, and we have learned stuff about Russian and Pskov history. Our time here is gonna be a memory for life.

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My visit in pskov has been very nice and fun. My time in russia its a memory that i never gonna forget. its like i never want to go home. im gonna miss all my russian friends and maybe we see them in the future.

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i think that Pskov is an old town, it's realy dearty here. I'm not used to it so i don't like it here. But some places is realy nice. The people here are never happy... The food isn't expensive here so i love it. I LOVE SWEDEN.

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The week here in Pskow has been great. It's a bit dirty, but it doesn't brother me.
We all come close to eatch other and created a great friendship.
I really really hope that we all will meet again.
I will miss all of our Russian friends when we're leaving.

Kisses and hugs

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It has been an amazing week here in pskov. I have learned very much about the russian culture. Oleg's family is a really good host familly and they take care of me. The food is really nice and i love the soups. When i first came here i got a little suprised about the roads, but that is no big deal. This trip will be one of the best memories of my life.

Erik Adolfsson

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The time here has been amazing. The students we've been with has been really nice to us and we have done some very funny stuff. For exaple all the boys (russian and sweeds) took us to a russian sauna. It was the funniest thing on this trip! We were in the sauna and when it was to hot we got out and jumped into an icecold pool of water. We ate hotdogs and drank some soda. Everyone has been really hospital and the food is great. Specially the soup. The tours was really fun and i now know much more about Pskov (dont give me a test on this though). //Johan Birgersson

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I think pskov is very dirty and very old. I do not like it because i am not used to it but some places is very beautiful. One good thing is that it is vere cheap here. I love the family I live whit and they are very nice.

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A litte abot our trip to russia.

It began with a passport kontroll 02.00. after that we arrived to pskov in the wery early of the morning. When we had slept for a while we met our russian friends, starting with ineraktive drills. I picked up a few useful ones. Then we ate lunch with one of our hosts, Maria.

During the next day we went for a nice tripe around pskov with a visit at the cathedral as a peak of the day. At the evening the pupills were having some more interaktive exersise.

the tuesday was fanatastic with a visit to a pottery factory.

Wednesday. Then vi saw a fantastic monastry at pechory. And a fortress at Izborsk.

During the thursday it was two things a will remember. The honnyfarm (witha a bearskull)and the paintingstyle of Mezen.

and now its friday morning. Great so far...


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Hello everybody!
I think this visit has been very fun and exciting. It's was fun to see how other schools working. All the people here is so friendly and kind. I dont regret one second of i go to Pskov.

Hug from Linn :)

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My impressions from trip to Sweden were the best! And I hope that Swedes will have also good impressions of trip to Russia.
Despite the fact that conditions of life in Russia are not same as in Sweden.
What is the most important for me is that we made friends with everyone and we're missing each other when we are not together. It's the best time spending I've ever had. I like that all Swedes are so cheerful and we do not get bored together!
I hope that we will visit each other further! Swedes are always invited to Russia <3.

Liza Kolobova

P.S. Jag älskar dig...

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This week in russia has been great! I've done so many awesome things here! The school has been great. We've done some studying and played lots of funny games. The guiding tours has been very interesting and fun to walk around and listen. Now i know how it is in and out of Pskov. I have also done very funny things after school too. For example I've been to kareoke and it was awesome! I've also been to a russian sauna with an ice cold pool to jump in after I was in the sauna. We ate and drank and it was amazing! I really wish to come back here soon. I love it here and don't want to leave... Love to Pskov!
Magnus Birgersson.

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I've had a great time here in Pskov! It has been an oportunity for me to experience som new things and make a lots of new friends and of all places I've ever been to, I have never felt this kind of hospitality.
Of all places we have been visiting this week, I think I liked the ceramic workshop the most.
I'll make sure to visit again!

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Hello everyone! I think this visit has been very fun and exciting. Maybe some times a little bit hard because ofcourse it's different from Sweden. But i think it's funny and good to see/know how people live in other countries. The families and all the people here in Pskov are very kind.
I think it have been a very nice trip, a visit i wont forget. Thanks for this time, I like all of you.
Hug from me. //Martina Wedin Ohlsson :)